Trucs et astuces

Provient du forum. À traduire impérativement :


Les blocs et les scripts

- To crop an image, outline it with the Selection tool, then Shift+delete (or Shift+backspace)
- To rotate part of a costume, use the selection tool, then click the left or right Rotate button (curved arrows).
- To rotate more precisely: Shift+click on the left or right Rotate button. It will let you enter a # of degrees to rotate
- Grow or shrink more precisely: Shift+click on the Grow or Shrink button (arrows pointing out or in). It will let you enter a % size for a costume
- To stamp multiple times, press Shift while using the Stamp tool.
- Press Shift with the Rectangle tool to make a square.
- Press Shift with the Oval tool to make a circle.
- Press Shift with Line tool to make a straight horizontal or vertical line.
- Press Shift key when clicking on a color square to change the other color.
- To pick up a color from outside the paint editor, select the Eyedropper tool, click in the Paint editor, then drag while holding down the mouse key.

Les variables

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (some of these are repeats with above)
-To delete multiple sprites, Shift+ click with the Scissors tool (it won't revert to the arrow).
- To make multiple copies of a sprite, Shift+click with Copy tool (it won't revert to the arrow).

Raccourcis clavier

- You can drag multiple images at once into Scratch. They will become costumes within a sprite.
- You can drag in an animated gif.
- You can drag in images from a web browser, Word, and some other programs (on Windows).
- You can drag in a Scratch project from a file folder.